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A019: GWG-1 Section 3 of the Declaration of Principles — Membership in General Synod (carried)

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Subject: Section 3 of the Declaration of Principles — Membership in General Synod

Moved by: Mr. David Jones, Diocese of Edmonton

Seconded by: The Rt. Rev. Sue Moxley, Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

Be it resolved that this General Synod give First Reading to amend sections 3, 4 and 5 of the Declaration of Principles to read as follows:

3. Membership

a) The General Synod of The Anglican Church of Canada shall be organized in three Orders:  the Order of Bishops, the Order of Clergy and the Order of Laity.

b) Members of the Orders of Clergy and Laity shall be members of the diocesan synod, or eligible to be members of the diocesan synod, of the diocese they represent.

c) The number of clergy and lay members elected by each diocese shall be determined relative to the population of the diocese.

d) Each diocese shall elect the same number of lay members as clergy members.

e) Each diocese shall be entitled to elect or appoint one youth representative, either clergy or lay, in addition to the clergy and lay members it is entitled to elect.

f) Other non-diocesan or quasi-diocesan jurisdictions in the Church may also be entitled to representation as specified in the Constitution.

g) The Constitution may provide for ex officio members of the General Synod.

4. Sessions

The three Orders shall sit and vote together, except where specifically provided for in the Constitution, Canons or Rules of Order.

5. Voting by Dioceses

The Rules of Order shall make provision for a vote by dioceses where demanded.


The purpose of this resolution is to remove duplication between the Declaration of Principles and the Constitution (or the Rules of Order), with the former containing fundamental principles and the latter containing more detailed or specific provisions.


In accordance with section 11(a)(ii) of the Declaration of Principles, this resolution must be approved by two-thirds majority in each Order voting at two successive sessions of General Synod, and after First Reading must be referred for consideration to all diocesan and provincial synods.


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