General Synod 2010

Prayers for General Synod

A Prayer as we Prepare for General Synod:

Loving and Gracious God, you call us ever to new life in Jesus your Son. As we reach out to feel your winds stirring in our lives, be with all members of your beloved Church as we prepare for General Synod in Halifax in 2010. Grant us a spirit of generosity and excitement as we prepare to gather together under your gentle leadership, for yours is the course our souls are charting, and we glorify you through your Son, in the power of the Spirit, now and always.


A Prayer for the Church:

Holy God, navigator of our souls, hear us as we uphold The General Synod of our Church. Be with us in our yearning to chart a new course together, inspired by the presence of your Spirit. Give courage to our Bishops, our Diocesan Synods, and all our leaders as we move forward with your blessing. For all we do, we do to your glory, in Jesus’ name.


A Prayer for General Synod:

Sovereign God, we gather in your name in Halifax for the 39th General Synod of our Church. We ask your continued blessing on Fred, our Primate, on the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, on Bishops Sue and Ron, and on all who work together to welcome the Synod to their home. Give us the gift of your Spirit, to inspire and lead us, to help us be buoyed up in your gentle breezes, so that, together. We may offer you worship and praise as we plan together for a new future. All of this we ask in the name of Jesus, our chief Shepherd.


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