General Synod 2010

Worship at General Synod

Worship at General Synod

Worship at General Synod has been planned to be engaging, fresh, and different.  From the grand opening service in the beautiful All Saints’ Cathedral in Halifax on the evening of June 3 through to a very special Eucharist for General Synod at historic St. Paul’s Church, through to a moving closing eucharist to send us forth into the world, all of our worship together is designed to help members, partners and staff to do the work of the Synod.  Special guest musicians, including the incomparable Paul Halley will help us to worship as beautifully as we can; Chaplains will be available throughout Synod, and special attention is being given to making this as ‘green’ a Synod as possible.  These are all part of the exciting work of the General Synod Worship Committee.

Daily Worship

Corporate worship by the whole of General Synod will open and close our days. Morning worship will take place in the plenary halls, in our Galley Groups and, on some days, in our Diocesan tables.

Members and partners of General Synod will be divided into Galley Groups which will meet daily and will provide the basis for the seating arrangement in the plenary hall, except for those times when we are sitting in Diocesan groups. Galley Groups will provide opportunities for study and prayer, to discuss the business of Synod and reflect on the events of Synod together. Members will participate in Bible study designed to prepare us for the work of the day that lies ahead and to reflect on what has gone on before.

We will take time in the middle of each day for midday reflections and a brief time of prayer. We will end each day with evening prayers, in a wide variety of forms. There will be opportunities to pray from the Book of Common Prayer, the Book of Alternative Services and the new Evangelical Lutheran Worship.

On those days when we do not have a special full-gathering Eucharistic celebration planned, there will be noon-hour celebrations of the Holy Eucharist in Canadian Martyrs parish church, adjacent to St. Mary’s University.

Music is an important part of our gathering, and a variety of musical guests will help us to lift our voices in song. We will invite members of Synod who wish to form a volunteer choir or to help by playing instruments as we worship together.

Daily worship will focus on the Marks of Mission as developed by the Anglican Communion and will feature special texts each day.

Special Services

Thursday, June 3

General Synod takes place in a context of worship, opening with a Eucharistic celebration at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 3, at  All Saints Cathedral, located in beautiful downtown Halifax.

The Primate will preside at the Eucharist and one of Synod’s special guests, Bishop Miguel Tamayo of Cuba and Uruguay will preach. It will be a magnificent service!

We will begin the service by renewing our baptismal covenant, and all are asked to vest according to Order – Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Lay readers, etc.

Sunday, June 6

On Sunday afternoon, we will join with the Bishops, clergy, and people of the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island as their guests as they celebrate the 300th Anniversary of the Diocese.  What an honour it will be for us to participate in this historic service, taking place at the Exhibition Park in Halifax.  Shuttle buses will take us to and from that park and will be bale to drop people in downtown Halifax for dinner out or to see the sights.

Tuesday, June 8

On Tuesday evening we will be hosted by the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in a special banquet taking place at Pier 21 on the waterfront in Halifax.  Prior to this, we will gather at the magnificent and historic St. Paul’s Church in downtown Halifax for a celebration of the eucharist together.  Bishop Ron Cutler of NS/PEI will preside and Fr. Paul Friesen, Rector of St. Paul’s, and his special worship team will lead us.  The service will include a special Commissioning of Ministry on behalf of the PWRDF and their 50th Anniversary.

Friday, June 11

In plenary, we will bring General Synod to a close by celebrating the Eucharist together.  Special guest Bishop Susan Johnson, National Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada will preside at the Eucharist and the Primate will preach.  It will be a service in which we will have the opportunity to express our gratitude together and to be sent on our way in ministry!


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