General Synod 2010

What’s new at GS2010?

What’s New at GS2010

We’re meeting in Halifax NS

  • After meeting in a hotel for GS2007, we are back to meeting on a university campus (St. Mary’s University), and living in university residences.
  • We have a nautical theme  and will carry the theme out with Galley Groups, Ports of Call, Noon Watch
  • We will celebrate with the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (NS & PEI), the 300th anniversary of continuous worship in their diocese

We are experiencing change in the church and society

  • Our theme reflections change -  Feeling the Winds of God,  Charting a New Course
  • The constant, however – mission – is the focus for synod –we have  invited partners from around the world to join us and our worship will focus on the Marks of Mission, which draws us together as Anglicans.

We are trying to be greener than we used to be:

  • Responding to feedback from previous synods about the amount of paper we use and discard, and about disposable eating items
  • Meeting at St. Mary’s University which has a green policy in place
  • Registering on-line
  • Trying to use less paper. We are sending documents electronically; encouraging delegates to download as much as they can and print less; making fewer copies of resolutions during Synod, and encouraging sharing of Convening Circulars at the tables.
  • Worship materials and other documents will be displayed on two large screens in the plenary room.

Other changes

  • The community building sessions will help us to get to know other delegates from across Canada, so we can discuss all issues with a caring and sensitive heart
  • The seating arrangements will be varied by sitting in galley groups (table groups of 8), and diocesan groups, and some larger mixed groups (perhaps in mixed groups of 24) for different sessions
  • The task forces initiated at GS2007 will report – Vision 2019, Governance Working Group, Task Force on the Role of the Primacy.   We will continue our discussions on human sexuality.  We will see a new canon proposed affirming indigenous ministry.
  • There will not be a Primatial election or installation
  • There will be a variety of worship experiences including services of celebration with Diocese of NS & PEI for their 300th anniversary, and with PWRDF for their 50th anniversary


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