General Synod 2010

Sessional Committees

Sessional Committess GS2010


Name Diocese
Sessional Officers

Appointed by the Prolocutor

Rules of Order, Section 5

Honorary Secretaries (2 lay, 2 clerical)

Honorary Clerical The Ven. Ronald Harrison New Westminster
Honorary Assistant Clerical The Ven. Geoffrey Hall Fredericton
Honorary Lay Ms. Margaret Jenniex Central Newfoundland
Honorary Assistant Lay Mr. Stephen Koning Calgary
Assessors  (2 or more) Vice-Chancellor Brian Burrows Edmonton    (General Synod)
Ms. Ann Bourke Ottawa
Mr. Anthony Chapman Q.C. Nova Scotia and PEI
Canon Charles Ferris Fredericton
The Rev. Canon Alan Perry Montreal
Mr. Douglas Mac Adams Prov. Chancellor B.C. & Yukon
Sessional Committees

Appointed by CoGS in Consultation with the Prolocutor

Rules of Order, Section 6

Agenda Committee Canon Elizabeth Barnes Eastern Nfld. & Labrador
The Ven. Sidney Black Calgary
Canon Barbara Burrows (Chair) Edmonton
The Rev. Canon Eric Beresford Nova Scotia & PEI
Ms. Suzanne Lawson Toronto
The Rt. Rev. John Privett Kootenay
Mrs. Susan Winn Montreal
Ms. Lela  Zimmer Cariboo
Resolutions Committee

Up to 8 including an assessor, bishop, cleric and lay person.

Bishop The Rt. Rev. Linda Nicholls Toronto
Cleric The  Rev. Canon Alan Perry Montreal (Assessor)
Lay Mr. Paul Rathbone Huron
Bishop The Rt. Rev. James Cowan British Columbia
Cleric The Very Rev. Louise Peters Cariboo (APCI)
Lay Mr. David Jones, Q.C. Edmonton  (Chair)
Cleric The Ven. Sandra Tilley Eastern Nfld. & Labrador
Lay Ms. Libby Salter Toronto
Nominating Committee

12: one member of each order from each province

British Columbia The Rt. Rev. Michael Ingham New Westminster (Chair)
The Rev. Dr. William Harrison Kootenay
Ms. Melissa Green Cariboo (APCI) (Youth)
Rupert’s Land The Rt. Rev. James Njegovan Brandon
The Ven. Lydia Constant Brandon
Ms. Kimberley Greenwood Athabasca
Ontario The Rt. Rev. Patrick Yu Toronto
The Ven. Dr. Steve Hopkins Niagara
CP02 Mark Nicolle Canadian Forces
Canada The Rt. Rev.  Barry Clarke Montreal
The Very Rev. Josiah Noel Eastern Nfld & Labrador
Mr. Rob Marsh Fredericton
Expenditures (no number specified) Mr. Robert Dickson New Westminster
Canon  Judy Darling Ottawa
The Rt. Rev. Michael Hawkins Saskatchewan
Credentials (one assessor  to be appointed) The Rev. Canon Alan Perry
Credentials Committee: shall consist of the General Secretary, the Prolocutor or Deputy Prolocutor, and one Assessor. It shall be the responsibility of the committee to report to the General Synod on the standing of all persons who claim membership therin, and to advise the chairperson as to a quorum of each Order.

Vice-Chancellor Brian Burrows

The Prolocutor or Deputy Prolocutor

The General Secretary

Certification of Minutes Committee

Consisting of the General Secretary, the Prolocutor or Deputy Prolocutor, the Honorary Clerical  and Lay Secretaries, and a member of the Resolutions Committee. It shall be the responsibility of the committee to certify the accuracy of the minutes of the session of the General Synod.

Respectfully submitted
Canon Robert Falby, Prolocutor, General Synod


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