General Synod 2010

Ports of Call – Information Session

Ports of Call – Information Sessions

Ports of Call

There are three times on the General Synod agenda when members will have an opportunity to hear and discuss the work of the committees and councils of General Synod. The times are listed below along with a description of the Port of Call.  At Synod you will be asked to sign up for one session on each day.

Sunday, June 6 – 10:30 -12:00 noon

Faith, Worship and Ministry

Liturgical Principles – Principles to guide liturgical revision

The General Synod of 2007 mandated the Faith, Worship and Ministry Committee to develop principles and an agenda for the revision of the contemporary language liturgical texts of the Anglican Church of Canada. FWM has completed this work, and presents the Principles document to this General Synod. This session will engage participants in a practical exploration of several of the foundational principles contained in the document.

Financial Management and Development

A brief overview of the work of the Financial Management Standing Committees:

  1. Governance overview of financial management, including financial statements and budgets
  2. Monitoring the performance of the Consolidated Trust Fund investment portfolio
  3. Processing and appoving grant applications from trust funds.

Partners in Mission EcoJustice

We’re part of something bigger

As Anglicans, when we put money on the collection plate, we not only help to fix the roof, pay the parish priest and support the diocese, we also become part of something bigger.  We demonstrate our involvement in a worldwide Anglican Communion, the global Christian family, and our commitment to God’s mission.  You are invited to learn more about putting flesh to that involvement and commitment  – the work of the Partners in Mission and EcoJustice Committee.

Pension Committee

We will discuss the pension and benefit plans administered by the Pension Office—the General Synod Pension Plan, the Long Term Disability Plan and the Continuing Education Plan.

Vision 2019

Vision 2019.  Meet some of the people who are behind this report.  Ask questions about the background.  Explore some details!  Get responses to your questions.

Youth Initiatives

“Youth Initiatives – it’s not about what we do, it’s also about what YOU do.  If you are involved in youth ministry, youth initiatives, or even If you care about young people in the life of the church, come for sharing, networking, stories, encouragement, news, information, a morning snack and opportunities to talk more about what you heard at the Youth Initiatives presentation the day before.”

Monday, June 7 – 3:30 -5:00 p.m.

Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples

Equal in Dignity and Rights:

Why the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Matters to Everyone

Why attend a workshop on Indigenous rights?

  1. To learn about the declaration and why it is important to both indigenous and non indigenous peoples
  2. Deepen their understanding of how the Declaration in particular and human rights in general can be used to address the human rights gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people
  3. Strategy to get Canada to endorse the Declaration
  4. Support Indigenous peoples
  5. Learn about KAIROS Indigenous Rights Network and what it’s doing to build momentum towards the anniversary of Royal Commission of Aboriginal Peoples  (June 2011).

Roots Among the Rocks – Theatre Collective Port of Call

Roots Among the Rocks is a group of young professional Anglican and Lutheran and other Christian artists who have set out to create a profound and moving performance that will speak prophetically to the heart of the church.  General Synod is the first stop on our national tour, performing in plenary on the morning of June 8th.  In this port of call, come and listen to how the story told in the show was found, and offer your own reflection to the emerging vision of self and future as church in Canada.

Council of General Synod

The Council of General Synod is the chief governing body of the Church in years between meetings of the General Synod. It approves major documents such as annual budgets and receives reports from all the departments of General Synod. It is also empowered to launch important initiatives such as, in the past triennium, the Vision 2019 project. Come and learn about membership in the Council of General Synod.

Faith, Worship and Ministry (Congregational Development)

Exploring the challenges and opportunities of mission in a Post-modern world

Partners in Mission EcoJustice

Greening Anglican Spaces

The Partners in Mission and the EcoJustice of General Synod invites you to become green leaders in the Church through the renewal of spirit, community, and creation, and by taking practical steps to green your church building.

Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund

Primate’s Fund will highlight its visiting partner Ms. Sooriyakumari Sinnathamby

Director of the Sri Lanka office of the Organization for Eelam Refugees and Rehabilitation (OfERR)  and tell stories of  its transforming work.

Thursday, June 10 – 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Anglican Foundation

We propose to offer a brief history and describe the governance of the Foundation and are prepared to answer questions regarding our operations, loans and grants, donor-designated trusts and our financial services. We also welcome any suggestions that might help us to improve our service to the Church.

Communications and Information Resources

The primary goal of the department is to strengthen the mission and vision of the Church through effective use of communications instruments. Communications and Information Resources staff are the story tellers and the story keepers of the Church, recognizing that experiences, both shared and diverse, are what bond us together across the country

Council of the North

The Council of the North is a ministry of the whole church by the whole church. The Council of the North provides pastoral and sacramental ministry to those living in isolated communities across Canada’s north.

The Council has recently been engaged in several exciting and innovative ministries. Area Missions are becoming a reality in a number of our dioceses. The Suicide Prevention Project which has come about because of the ‘Amazing Grace’ project and the generosity of Anglicans from coast to coast to coast. The Virtual Church School program has become a gift from the Council to the wider church. Many real people are engaged in the real work of sharing the gospel of Jesus in transforming ways in the church in the north.

If you are interested in learning more about the place of the Council of the North in General Synod then please join our Communications Officer, Fiona Brownlee, at our ‘Port of Call’ session.

Faith Worship and Ministry

Congregational Development

Exploring the challenges and opportunities of mission in a Postmodern world.

Partners in Mission Eco-Justice

This session will focus on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission which is on the agenda on Friday.  In addition, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the Anglican Healing and Reconciliation Fund.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) was established in 2008 to:  tell Canadians about the Residential Schools and the impacts they had on Aboriginal children

who were sent to the schools, and the on-going impacts on the individuals and communities of this legacy.   The TRC has a five-year mandate to listen and gather statements of the

survivors of the IRS system.  The TRC process will guide a process of reconciliation between and within Aboriginal families, communities, churches, government and Canadians in general.

You are invited to come learn about this history making process.


  1. Overview of Department of Philanthropy ministries and programs.
  2. Opportunities to partner with the Department; services to parishes and dioceses.
  3. Open conversation about developing a theology of philanthropy throughout the Anglican  Church of Canada.

April 27, 2010

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