General Synod 2010

Partners at General Synod

Partners at General Synod

Anglican Council of Indigenous People

The Rev. Hannah Alexie
The Rev. Arthur Anderson
Mrs. Elaine Anderson
The Rev. Lily Bell
Mr. Charles Bobbish
Mrs. Marcie French
The Rev. Dale Gillman
The Rev. Adam Halkett
Mrs. Sylvia James
The Rev. Gloria Moses
Mrs. Ruby Sandy Robinson
The Rev. Barbara Schoomski

Anglican Communion

The Rev. Canon Kenneth Kearon
Secretary General, Anglican Communion

The Episcopal Church

The Most Rev. Dr. Katherine Jefferts Schori
Presiding Bishop, The Episcopal Church

Ms. Martha Gardner
Episcopal Church partner to the Council of General Synod

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

The Rt. Rev. Susan Johnson
National Bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

The United Church of Canada

Ms. Mardi Tindal
Moderator, The United Church of Canada


The Rev. Bruce Adema
President, The Canadian Council of Churches

The Most Rev. Pierre Morissette
President, Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops


Mary Corkery, Executive Director of KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives

Sara Stratton, Education and Campaigns Program Coordinator

Overseas Partners

Bishop Suheil Dawani, bishop of the Anglican Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, and his wife, Shafeeqa

Bishop Dawani’s vision for the future of the Diocese of Jerusalem is to engage in the ministry of peace and reconciliation, by strengthening the Christian presence in the Holy Land, working in concert with overseas partners and collegially in ecumenical inter-faith affairs, and to urge the faithful to join efforts for reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.

Sooriyakumari Sinnathamby, Director of the Sri Lanka office of the Organization for Eelam Refugees and Rehabilitation

Ms. Sinnathamby is a human rights activist who has worked tirelessly for human rights in Sir Lanka. She is one of the founding members of OfERR in India – An Organization of Eelam Refugees Rehabilitation. In 2004 she returned to Sri Lanka to establish OfERR (Ceylon). She has t raveled in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom on behalf of refugees in Sri Lanka.

The Rt. Rev. Miguel Tamayo and his wife, the Rev. Martha Lopez

Bishop Tomayo is the bishop of both Uruguay and Cuba. The Cuban church is overseen by the Metropolitan Council of Cuba, composed of primates from the Anglican Church of Canada , the Episcopal Church, and the West Indies.  At the request of Archbishop Michael Peers of Canada, Bishop Tamayo agreed in 2003 to serve as bishop of Cuba for a three-year term and split his ministry between Havana and Montevideo.  The term extended to seven years and Bishop Tamayo will retire as Bishop of Cuba this year.

Mrs. Hellen Grace Akwii-Wangusa

Mrs. Hellen Grace Wangusa, the former United Nations Africa coordinator of the Millennium Development Goals, is the Anglican Observer at the United Nations.  In that position Hellen said she hopes to strengthen the rich contribution of the Anglican Communion into the political hubs at the United Nations and combine that with the UN committees in Geneva that specialize in humanitarian work.


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