General Synod 2010

A181: Toward a World Free of Nuclear Weapons (carried)

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Subject: Toward a World Free of Nuclear Weapons

Moved by: The Rev. Canon Dr. William E. Prentice, Diocese of Ottawa

Seconded by: The Rev. Dr. Linda Privitera, Diocese of Ottawa

Be it resolved that this General Synod:

Expresses its support for a world free of nuclear weapons, and asks the General Secretary to convey our position to the Government of Canada, requesting:

  1. from the Government information about Canadian activities in the last three years to support nuclear disarmament, and
  2. from the Prime Minister a public affirmation of Canada’s commitment to a world free of nuclear weapons.

Source Partners in Mission and Ecojustice Committee

Submitted by Peacemaking Group, Diocese of Ottawa

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There are more than 20,000 nuclear weapons in arsenals around the world;

In September 2009 the World Council of Churches released its “Statement of hope in a year of opportunity: seeking nuclear-weapon-free world” which, among other actions, “Calls upon member churches to declare to their national leaders, ‘Transform opportunity into action. Signal your intentions to the global majority who want the elimination of nuclear weapons, and supply the proof of progress…”

In September 2009 the Governing Board of the National Council of Churches USA adopted the resolution “Nuclear Disarmament: The Time is Now”

The Canadian Council of Churches, with other international church bodies, recently sent a letter to heads of state about NATO’s nuclear policy calling for progress toward a world without nuclear weapons and for NATO doctrine to reflect that.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams in a recent visit to Nagasaki Japan said “To threaten such an outrage against humanity and its world is to begin to lose one’s moral and human dignity. To work for a world free from nuclear arms is to work for the sake of that moral and human dignity”;

World leaders including President Barack Obama (USA), President Demetri Medvedev (Russia) and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon are urging the international community to work for the elimination of nuclear weapons;


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