General Synod 2010

A143: Theological Education for Presbyteral Ministry (carried)

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Subject: Theological Education for Presbyteral Ministry

Moved by: The Right Reverend John Chapman, Diocese of Ottawa

Seconded by: Dr. Lela Zimmer, Diocese of Cariboo (Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior)

Be it resolved that this General Synod:

  1. affirm the continued need of the church to make the formation of persons for ministry a continuing priority in the coming triennium
  2. request the Primate to appoint a ‘Commission on Theological Education and Formation for Presbyteral Ministry’ which shall report to the Council of General Synod and the House of Bishops through Faith, Worship and Ministry.

Source: Faith, Worship and Ministry

Submitted by: Janet Marshall, Chair of Faith, Worship and Ministry

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If yes, has the General Synod Expenditures Committee considered the implications?   Yes __ No __


1. The following conditions should apply in the appointment of the Commission on Theological Education:

a)     that the Primate consult with the Faith, Worship and Ministry Committee and the House of Bishops in the appointment of members to the Commission who represent a healthy diversity and the skills necessary to undertake the furtherance of the work begun by the National Gathering;

b)      that the Commission report to the Council of General Synod and the House of Bishops through the Faith, Worship and Ministry Committee given that Committee’s responsibilities in its terms of reference for theological education;

c)     that the Commission’s work continue on the bases established at the National Gathering on Theological Education 2010 with a specific focus on:

i)  the development of national competencies with reference to ‘The Learning Outcomes for Preparation for Ministry in the Anglican Church of Canada’ of the D’Youville Report as well as the existing standards within the dioceses of the church;

ii)  the development of criteria for responsible local adaptation, translation and administration;

iii)  the development of avenues for mutual accountability between dioceses, colleges and training institutions and programmes.

d)     that the Commission work in cooperation with the Programme Committee for Leadership for Ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada;

e)     that the Commission consult ecumenically, making particular use of the Churches’ Council for Theological Education;

f)      that the Commission work with the Philanthropy Department of the General Synod toward a national bursary programme;

g)     that the Commission work to develop a national faculty and programme for effecting cooperation amongst the colleges and training programmes to enable remote theological education;

h)     that the Commission prepare concrete recommendations for consideration by the General Synod 2013;

i)      that the funding for the Commission be secured by the Council of General Synod.

2.   Background

From January 5 to January 7 2010, the first ever National Gathering on Theological Education for Presbyteral Ministry was held in Chateauguay, Quebec. Those in attendance included the entire House of Bishops, representatives from seventeen theological educational institutions, and personnel responsible for processes of ordination candidacy within their dioceses. The event was organised under the auspices of the Faith Worship and Ministry committee, as directed by Resolutions of both the House of Bishops and the Council of General Synod in the Spring of 2006.

The commitment to mission is always a responsibility to be carried out in a particular location and context, culture and language; God’s mission is incarnate particularly and universally. How can theological education and formation for ministry most helpfully equip candidates for ministry and seasoned presbyters alike best to serve, grow and thrive in particular local contexts, and, when applicable, move well from place to place, and in all circumstances exercising an ordered ministry that is recognisably and appropriately presbyteral? What are the foundations needed today to grow excellence in ministries tomorrow?


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