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#012 GS2010: Networks of the Anglican Communion

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Report to General Synod from the Networks of the Anglican Communion

The Anglican Consultative Council, ACC, the executive body of the Anglican Communion, is aided in its work by specialists in many areas of Christian service through Networks.  Canadian representatives to the Anglican Consultative Council are: the Rt. Rev. Susan Moxley, Ms. Suzanne Lawson, and a clerical representative to be elected at General Synod.

To learn about the vast amount of work done by the Networks see the Anglican Communion web site and click on “Networks”.

Anglicans across Canada whose ministry and interests lie in any of these areas are invited to connect with the network that speaks to them.  It’s a wonderful way to feel less alone in the passion you carry as part of your Christian journey.

International Anglican Women’s Network, IAWN,, reports to the Anglican Consultative Council on issues critical to the well-being of women and proposes new directions. The Council has shown its support by unanimously passing Anglican Consultative Council Resolution 14 – 33, May 2009. The resolution:

1)    Encourages equal representation of women and men on decision-making bodies.

2)    Unequivocally supports the elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls including trafficking.

3)    Promotes the application of gender budgeting principles to all church budgets.

4)    Applying the principle of equal representation on all decision making bodies in Canada requires that qualified women stand for election, and that the electorate vote for the best person regardless of gender.  Statistically, women are underrepresented at General Synod.

IAWN partners with the Anglican United Nations Observer during sessions of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW).  Since 2000, Canadian women have been included in the worldwide Anglican delegation to UNCSW. In 2010 we hosted a panel discussion “Violence and Indigenous Women”: Rachel Chakasim, Attawapiskat First Nation, Moosonee, was a panellist. Connections have been made with the Canadian government Status of Women Office.

The Rev Canon Alice Medcof is a member of the IAWN Steering Group (international executive of 8 women). Write to [email protected] and ask to be added to the e-news list.

The IAWN Provincial Link for Canada, Elizabeth Loweth, [email protected], consults with the Canadian Mothers’ Union, Anglican Church Women, and other constituencies, to ensure that IAWN-Canada serves as a true network through which women are encouraged to include in their programming social justice issues such as poverty, marginalisation and human trafficking.  Annually, activities are reported to the IAWN Steering Group.

Anglican Health Network, AHN, promotes learning and practice on the interactions between faith and health, and encourages collaboration across the globe.  Formed during the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in 2009, it has already launched a micro-insurance plan in South India, and is working towards a pilot in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  There are two email discussion groups which people are welcome to sign up for:  one to gather those interested in health and development, and the other, to focus on health and healing issues in parishes.  Another group is being contemplated on spiritual and pastoral support in hospitals. Contact:  The Rev. Paul Holley, Coordinator, at [email protected]

Anglican Indigenous Network, AIN, promotes full partnership of indigenous peoples in the Church.  AIN members, Aotearoa (NZ), Australia & Torres Strait Islanders, Canada, Hawaii, and USA, are committed to the Anglican tradition while affirming our common spirituality, common concerns, common gifts, and common hopes.   Secretary General: [email protected]

Anglican Peace and Justice Network, APJN, assists the Communion in seeing the centrality of justice and peace to the mission of the Church. The Rev. Maylanne Maybee represented the Anglican Church of Canada at the APJN meeting in Geneva Switzerland.  See the Partners in Mission and Justice Report.

Anglican Communion Environmental Network, ACEN encourages Anglicans throughout the communion to support sustainable environmental practices as individuals and in the life of their communities. The Rev. Ken Gray, Diocese of British Columbia represents the Anglican Church of Canada on the ACEN and also serves as the global convenor.  See the Partners in Mission and Justice Report.

Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion, CUAC, is a world wide association of over 120 institutions of higher education that were founded by and retain ties to a branch of the Anglican Communion.  There are 22 Canadian members.

HIV/AIDS Network: We, the Anglican Communion across Africa, pledge ourselves to the promise that future generations will be born and live in a world free from AIDS.

Network for Interfaith Concerns, NIFCON, promotes genuinely open and loving relationships between Christians and people of other faiths.  The World Religions Summit: Interfaith Leaders in G8 Nations, will be held in June 21 – 23 2010 in Winnipeg.

International Anglican Family Network, IAFN, publishes a magazine three times a year addressing issues which face families: Christian education, displacement, mental illness, etc.

International Anglican Youth Network, IAYN, works to raise the profile of youth ministry in the Anglican Communion.


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