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The Synod on Demand daily webcast provides analysis of the day’s events as well as footage of debates, worship, and interviews with members. Watch the June 11 webcast now.

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Previous days:

  • June 11: This ninth Synod on Demand is a wrap-up of General Synod that includes news about the Anglican Covenant and the sexuality discernment process.
  • June 9: The eighth Synod on Demand shares news about Indigenous self-determination, the launch of the PWRDF bike tour, and an unusual theatre troupe. Download from
  • June 8: The seventh Synod on Demand includes highlights from an address by Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori (the Episcopal Church) and continues the story of the Amazing Grace Project. Download from
  • June 7: The sixth Synod on Demand covers a visit from the Anglican Communion’s secretary general and shares the story of social media at General Synod. Download from
  • June 6: The fifth Synod on Demand includes highlights from the first session on sexuality, as well as footage from a special service celebrating 300 years of continuous Anglican worship in the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Download from
  • June 5: The fourth Synod on Demand covers highlights from the bishop of Jerusalem’s address, finances, and youth initiatives. Download from
  • June 4: The third Synod on Demand webcast covers highlights from the first day of business, including strategic planning and governance. Download from
  • June 3: On the opening day of General Synod 2010, the Synod on Demand webcast features a colourful Eucharist at All Saints’ Cathedral, Halifax. Download from
  • June 2: This first Synod on Demand webcast goes behind the scenes to watch Canadian Anglicans set up for their national meeting in Halifax, N.S. Download from

For a full schedule of General Synod events, consult the Agenda and the Orders of the Day.

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