General Synod 2007


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  1. 1. The Resolutions Committee, in consultation with the movers shall identify resolutions likely to be approved without debate.  Those resolutions shall be listed by number and title on a No Debate List on the Orders of the Day.

  2. The No Debate List shall be read at the beginning of the first session of the day.

  3. Any member of Synod may request the Chair of the Resolutions Committee or the Prolocutor to remove a resolution from the list before the time set by the Agenda Committee to close the list.  Adequate notice shall be given of the time of closure.

  4. Each resolution remaining on the No Debate List shall be decided in turn without debate except that the mover of the resolution may speak for not more than three minutes.

  5. That the Resolutions Committee be requested to develop specific guidelines.

General Synod 2007


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