General Synod 2007

Convening Circular

This convening circular is organized in four sections: Information (yellow);
Resolutions (pink); Memorials (green) and Reports (blue).

Resolution Tally Sheets are included in the Resolutions Section. They are an easy way of recording the decisions of the General Synod.

Two Important Notices

  1. The Handbook

Two copies of The Handbook of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada will be available at each table. The Handbook is also available online.

  1. The Journal of Proceedings

The Record of Proceedings, which members of the General Synod will receive after Synod, will contain only the Minutes of the Synod, a list of the Acts of the Synod and a collation of the constitutional and canonical changes enacted by the Synod. The Record will not include reports contained in the Convening Circular and the Supplement.

The Record of Proceedings will be provided in a format consistent with that of the Convening Circular, so that, by putting the two together, members will have, in fact, a complete Journal of Proceedings of the Synod.

Reports of General Synod committees to General Synod:



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