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People Overseeing the Actions of the General Synod

      General Synod is people. The decisions made, and the spirit in which they are made, depend on the collective wisdom of all members. At General Synod, members contribute their experience, skills, interests, ideas, and convictions to decisions and processes that affect the health of the Church as a whole.

      Members with particular expertise may be invited to participate through membership, on a standing committee or council. Involvement with a committee can be a very rewarding experience as members work together with others from across the country. It also involves a time commitment over a three year period, including some weekend travel and weekday meetings.

      Elections will be held during Synod for Prolocutor and Deputy Prolocutor, for the General Synod, and for members of standing committees, councils. The Nominating Committee receives nominations for the committee positions and prepares a slate, which should be widely representative of the members of the Church.

      Each diocese is asked for three nominations from among its own members for the Council of General Synod (CoGS), a bishop, a clergyperson and a lay member, one of them will be elected at provincial caucus to represent the diocese on CoGS. The election process itself can get complicated. Suffice it to say that the procedure works although it is difficult to explain here. Instructions will be given at election time.

      Membership on standing committees is not limited to members of General Synod as there are, in most cases, specific skills needed by the committees. If you would like to be nominated, speak to your Diocesan Caucus. It is up to the Nominating Committee to review the nominations and see that those needs are met and that committees reflect the variety of the Anglican Church in Canada. Standing committee nominations must be submitted to the Nominating Committee on the prescribed form and must have the consent of the nominee.

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