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GS2001 Online coverage

What we're hearing

"The ACC's web site has superb coverage of what is happening. This is, without a doubt, the best online coverage of an Anglican event that we have ever seen."
-- Anglicans Online

"Thank you ever so much for this opportunity to listen. It's marvelous."
-- BK Hipsher

"It's great to have the webcast. It brings back memories of times I've been to General Synod... With my dial-up connection, I can't get full-motion with the video. I assume that's a speed/bandwidth issue, but the pictures I do get are quite adequate. The audio is what really counts.
I appreciate the access, especially at such an important time as this for the national church."

-- Don Skinner

Unfortunately, there's a bandwidth problem at the synod end and so video has suffered. WT

"Just wanted you to know that I have watched the webcast for the past hour - it really was good. The sound is excellent! The video a bit jerky but that is likely from my end - I don't have high speed access. I could see the resolutions as posted (a bit fuzzy but readable) - I'm thrilled."
-- Judith Kidd

"My wife and I have installed Real Player and have been able to watch the live feed from GS 2001. Thanks!"
-- Terry DeForest

"I find the webcast of proceedings great and am watching as much as possible.  A posting of the orders of the day would help me plan the watching."
-- Allen Box

Orders of the day are now available off the agenda page. WT

Subject: Online Viewing of General Synod
Thank you for your hard work re the above.
Appreciated the Prolocutor's greeting last night to online visitors.
One suggestion: might it be possible to briefly advise those of us tuning in as to what we are watching? He mentioned that the discussions of the afternoon were continuing. It became evident that the future of the National Church, especially relating to First Nations' peoples' experience, was the topic, however...
Also, if possible, if voting on the resolutions is imminent, e.g., in an hour's time (approximate), might this also be mentioned at the beginning of the broadcast?

-- Lois De Jean, Diocese of Montreal

Thank you for the webcast, I am only sorry that I didn't know about it before today.
-- Tricia Marr, Diocese of B.C.

I have been connected to the webcast as much as possible since the beginning of General Synod. It has been wonderful to be able to participate in this manner.
I will not be able to connect to many more sessions as I am headed to the TAIP (Train an Indigenous Priest) School for the next few days. Every Blessing! Sure wish I was there!

-- Susan Barclay, Diocese of Keewatin

The Synod Live Broadcast is great. Thanks! It was amazing to see live, our son do the reading from Revelation at Night Prayer tonight.
-- Rick Morgan, Winnipeg

I rushed home from church and caught the last 2 verses of the final hymn and AB Peers blessing. (I hope it works via the www!)
Since it took place at the synod site -please run it again. Thank you.
The coverage has been excellent and exciting- and humbling.
Imagine to a kid that TV was a miracle -- can now "tune in " on the computer -- and really be there . Thank you for the interaction. AND I didn't have to drive 600 miles to do it!

-- R.L. Lorenson, Diocese of Central Nfld.

Congrats to all on excellent reporting from the GS2001 website. I hope our Diocese (Quebec) can do something similar but on a smaller scale when we meet at our Synod in September.
Wish I had been there in person at such a historic synod, but I at least kept you in prayers and followed the web-based reporting throughout.
Quite an innovation, this web reporting.

-- Tony Hitsman, Diocese of Quebec

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