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Resolution Number: A200 

Subject: Council of North Grants

Moved by: The Right Reverend David N. Ashdown , Diocese of Keewatin

Seconded By: The Most Reverend Terrence Buckle, Diocese of Yukon

Note: The mover and the seconder must be members of the General Synod and be present in the House when the resolution is before the synod for debate.


THAT The Council of the North support grants be fixed at current level for the next five years (2007-2011 inclusive).


The allocation in the General Synod budget for funding  the Council of the North has been steadily decreasing.   From 1993 to 2006, grants to the member dioceses totaled decreased  from $3,551,000 annually to   $2,373,000 annually- a decrease of  $1,178,000 or 33%.    During that same time  period the General Synod revenue decreased from $11,361,000 to $9,750,000- a decrease of $1,611,678.00  or 14%.    In 1993, the Council of the North grants absorbed 31.3% of the revenue of General Synod, in 2006 only 24.3%. During this same period the inflationary cost of providing basic ministry has increased by 35%

This has led to a crisis in the provision of  pastoral and sacramental ministry to remote and isolated areas of the country.  In order to maintain basic ministry, most dioceses have had to liquidate all or significant amounts of their financial reserves.  As the support by the General Synod has eroded, there has been a corresponding erosion of diocesan programs.  Many member dioceses, after having eliminated program work have been forced to make significant reductions to their administrative structures.  In some cases, these reductions have been so severe as to threaten to compromise  the diocese’s ability to fulfill its fiduciary duty to provide adequate supervision and management.

Member dioceses of the Council of the North are working hard to develop new strategies for the provision of sacramental and pastoral ministry to the remote and isolated areas they serve.  However, they need  some level of stability in order to bring these strategies into practice.

Source: The Council of the North
(name of committee, diocese, etc.)

Submitted by: The Most Reverend Terrence Buckle,
Chair of the Increased Awareness Task Force of the Council of the North

A) Does this motion contain within it any financial implications?

Yes ___X__ No ______

B) If yes, has the General Synod Expenditures Committee considered the implications?

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