General Synod 2001
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Resolutions for GS2001

This is not the official record. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, errors may exist in these files.


A001: Approval of minutes -- carried

A002: Approval of agenda -- carried

A003: Reception of reports -- carried

A004: Reception of Notices of Motion and Memorials -- carried

A005: Regarding balloting and scrutineers -- carried

Handbook Constitution

A030: Amendments to the Constitution (Housekeeping) -- carried

A031: Amendments to the Constitution - Youth Members on the Council of General Synod -- carried

A032: Handbook - Uniformity of formatting -- carried

Handbook Canons

A070: Canon III - amendment re financing the Primacy -- carried

A071: Proposed Canon re: Reception and Recognition of Clergy from Churches in Full Communion -- carried

A072: Canon VII - amendment re officers of the Missionary Society -- carried

A073: Amendments to Canon VIII - The General Synod Pension & Income Continuance Plans -- carried

A074: Amendments to Canon IX - The Lay Retirement Plan -- carried

A075: Discipline Canon - amendment re burden of proof -- carried by a two-thirds majority in all orders

A076: Marriage Canon - remarriage of divorced persons - matrimonial commissions -- carried

A077: Marriage Canon - Impediments of Relationship -- carried as amended

A078: Marriage Canon - Notice of Intended Marriage -- defeated

A079: Marriage Canon - Place of marriage -- carried

A080: Common Law Relationships; Mixed and Inter-Faith Marriages -- carried

A081: Blessing of civil marriages; Renewal of Marriage Vows -- carried