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"Vision 2019 is an opportunity to say 'here's what I think our church needs to be about.'"
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Message from Laura B., Victoria BC

I came to the Anglican Church from the Roman church in my early twenties, and felt that I had found a home.  What I want is for the church to be a home for my daughter when she is in her early twenties and beyond.

When I started being active in the ACC, I was one of the youngest members around the table.  Now, over twenty years later, I am still often one of the youngest which causes me some concern.  I worship (and work) at a large downtown Cathedral that utilizes both the BCP and alternative services.  I choose to attend the alternative services.  Inclusive language is very important to me.  Social justice is very important to me.  The Spiritual education of children and youth is important to me.  Respect and love are important to me.

So … I hope that the Church (organization, buildings and people) in 2019 reflects LOVE for God’s people and creation; that it respects individuals by honoring a heritage that values contributions from the past without letting them impede the progress of the Gospel in the present and the future; and that the care and nurture of children and youth in our communities become a genuine focus, not a sidebar or addendum.

When she was five, my daughter drew a picture of a “church” in her school workbook.  It was the usual square-bottomed, triangle-roofed building, but with backwards L’s on the floor, a huge smiley face, and two arms that each had double-hearts as hands.  It hangs above my desk.  I offer it as her contribution.

Laura B.

Lilys church 302

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