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The Five Marks of Mission:

1. To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom

Click on the videos below to learn how this Mark of Mission informs the work of General Synod.

 The Council of the North is a group of dioceses supported by grants through General Synod. The Anglicans there “proclaim the good news of the kingdom” as they minister to Canada’s most remote areas. Bishop David Ashdown, chair of the council, explains: “The work of the Council of the North is truly the work of the whole church, by the whole church.”
 Dr. Eileen Scully, coordinator for ministry and worship at General Synod “proclaims the good news” by working on the liturgy development, theological education, and ministry wellness.
 For Kyle Wagner, the experience of participating in the Theological Students’ International Intern Program was invaluable. While in South Africa, he “proclaimed the good news of the gospel,” and now he proclaims it back in Canada: “I can come back and I can share my experiences with my peers, with other priests, at schools—just in the community in general.”
 On Nov. 23, 2008, the Amazing Grace Project took off: over 600 Canadian Anglican parishes lifted their voices to sing “Amazing Grace,” then videos of their performances were compiled into a 10-minute documentary, posted online. The project also raised over $80,000 for the Council of the North, the group of ten financially supported dioceses in Canada’s north. The project was a resounding success.
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