Dr. Eileen Scully, coordinator for ministry and worship at General Synod “proclaims the good news” by working on the liturgy development, theological education, and ministry wellness.

In a response to a Resolution of the 1998 General Synod, the Faith, Worship and Ministry Committee (FWM) is revising the existing proper prayers of the Book of Alternative Services. In this video, Ms. Scully talks about the importance of this revision, explaining that the life and language of prayer “has to do with the imagination, has to do with the heart, and has to do with the depths of who we are.” The project one of the many worship projects that FWM works on.

FWM’s role is to help Canadian Anglicans live out their faith thoughtfully, prayerfully and with commitment, through liturgical development and theological education. They also foster inter-church and inter-faith dialogues, promote theological reflection and provide resources on doctrine, ethics, ecumenism, evangelism, and mission.