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"Vision 2019 is an opportunity to say 'here's what I think our church needs to be about.'"
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Message from St. James’, Orillia ON

A small group of people from St. James’, Orillia met one day in July for the workshop/bible study based on the publication; this was followed by a second day in September to consider where we are today and visioning the future in 2019.

Where we are today:

  • National/International
  • Financial and prayer support for two third world clergy
  • Financial support toward HIV Aids
  • 12 student scholarships in Honduras
  • Financial support of PWRDF
  • Local Outreach
    • Hosting Christmas dinners
    • Support of Jubilee house, Lighthouse
    • James Place
    • Pennywise
    • Looney Lunch
    • Community volunteers
    • Youth ministry
    • Noon music through summer and Advent seasons
    • Summer musicians on Sundays
    • Support of local food bank
  • Worship
    • Excellence in music
    • Dynamic services; variety of styles and times
  • Active involvement re: local action; education; communication and advocacy


St. James will continue to meet people where they are

In a world that knows nothing anymore about Jesus – that they can come to St. James and hear about him – and truly see Jesus embodied in us

Respond to disaster through prayer and financial support

Expanding our liturgical services and music so that the holy aspect of our worship is impacting not only our congregation but increasingly is obvious to our community that we are deeply spiritual Christians

Meet people where they are e.g. Go into the streets and byways and talk to them

Actively listen to people to share their real needs e.g. build the Christian community in and through baptism, at services supporting families with newborn infants.

Introduce parents and children in action what the Gospel is i.e. start with what this audience has need of e.g. through music or story or play

Let them engage in these familiar expressions to enable the best way to emulate the Christian mysteries and relevance to them

Advocate for those who have no voice

A spiritually alive community in the midst of the world

Ongoing growth of Christian community

Sustain and expand formal liturgy

Maintain and sustain the physical building

St. James will organize and commission a group of 10 hospital and home visitors

Welcome all comers

The church needs to resolve outstanding issues and differences and come to some kind of unity (agreement): infighting turns people away from the church

Youth more involved

More exciting programs for children and youth

Ensure continued excellence of music

Facilitate and enable youth to speak from within

St. James would reach out to the community through a Drop-in Centre

Develop programs to involve and support all members of the congregation

Develop a formal program of support for underdeveloped countries

That we be recognized by government for our work in the community

That we act out the Gospels – not tell

Help people to consent to God’s presence within

Reach out to young parents

We witness to the Gospel through cross-cultural dialogue

Continue to build up the church community with teaching, prayer and social activities

Continue the structure of the liturgy and music

To help every member of the parish to see him/herself as a volunteer/Minister: who is needed, wanted for his/her particular gifts of ministry; who will be given/allowed to do ministries that particularly suit his/her God-given gifts; who will be supported, nurtured and appreciated in those ministries; and who will be given opportunity to share and reflect with others

Make “outsiders” aware that God (in Jesus) is still with them – and that they can hear his word in their own language

That a large church group from St. James will make a faith journey to a third world country

We provide pastoral care to newcomers and young children including newly-baptized

That youth ministry will focus on reaching out to the youth where they are

Rethink financial and prayer support for overseas missions

Our thoughts were written on various coloured maple leaf shapes and placed on a large tree drawn on newsprint and placed on the wall. It was a vision of a tree in its full coloured splendour of the Fall season.

Thanks for the opportunity to share.

St. James’, Orillia ON

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