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"Vision 2019 is an opportunity to say 'here's what I think our church needs to be about.'"
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Message from Archbishop Anderson Memorial Church, Cochrane ON



Our Anglicanism is steeped in deep tradition; some would say this is our baggage, others would say it is our roots.  However, we all want the Anglican Church to still be here in 2019!

Our Parish cherishes who we are as a Christian community.  We want to continue with the ministries that we have identified as important.  We have a strong, sense of family and hope for the future.  We struggle with being financially responsible and sometimes this overshadows our focus of Gospel ministry.

There is a recognition that young families and young people are vital members in a growing parish family.  We need to actively welcome, encourage, educate and support these groups.  Programming specifically targeted to these groups would perhaps result in a stronger commitment from them.

Worship music was a very passionate topic for a large percentage of people poled.  There is a strong desire to have more joyful, contemporary styles using guitars and other instruments. Many, who feel that they can not sing, still appreciate and want meaningful, contemporary songs used in the worship service.

The Outreach Ministry that our parish, and on a larger scale the Nation Church, is involved in, is very important and worthwhile.  We are proud of what we have accomplished with PWRDF but also realize that outreach ministry is ongoing and is what Christ calls us to do.

There is a longing to return to some worship traditions of “Sung Services” and Morning Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer.  There is also a desire to have Youth Services, Contemplative Prayer and Taize services.

Strong leadership at all levels of our Anglican Church is important.  We need to be confident that there is a vision and a common mission that we are all working towards.  However, this does not include aggressive, confrontational political involvement.

In 2019, we want the Anglican Church to be here and to be involved in meaningful and relevant ministry.

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