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"Vision 2019 is an opportunity to say 'here's what I think our church needs to be about.'"
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Message from Murray S., Winnipeg Manitoba

Within the Aboriginal community, it is easy to identity with and agree to the five marks of mission. With the assistance of our bishop, Donald Phillips, and the Diocesan Council, we formed Rupert’s Land Wechetowin Inc., an arms-length agency, to work at healing, reconciliation and self-determination.

Wechetowin is Cree for “People helping People,” and we do this through pastoral and spiritual care of Aboriginal people in hospitals and care homes, through an Elder’s Circle to provide guidance, a theatre program that teaches about Aboriginal issues and Restorative Justice. We work ecumenically and with those in our city who want to partner with us in our objectives. We need each other, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal in the effort to heal and reconcile. We are all treaty people and together we can strengthen the fabric of not only the Church but society overall. God’s unconditional love is for all.

I would like to see partnerships grow in the years leading to 2019, involving all ages and cultures. At Holy Trinity in Winnipeg, where I serve as Honorary Assistant, you can look out on our congregation and see faces from many different cultures-African, Jamaican, First Nation, Asian and of course those of European origins. This is the strength of our Church and our faith. Let is continue to nurture this as a way forward in Christ.

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