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"Vision 2019 is an opportunity to say 'here's what I think our church needs to be about.'"
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Message from Basil P, Regina SK

By 2019, I hope that the church will have moved past the divisions and struggles of the past ten years related to acceptance of sexuality.  We are all children of God.

By 2019, I hope we will be embracing our call and promise to strive for justice and peace and respect the dignity of every human being.  We spend too much time talking and too little time doing.  Few congregations understand what it is to walk in solidarity with people struggling to survive.  Few people want to recognize the “third world” in Canada and many think it is far beyond our border.  People want to put money in an envelope and think that is all there is.

By 2019, I hope we, the laity, will have gained (regained?) a desire to speak out about our faith and not leave that responsibility to the ordained.

By 2019, I hope to see ministry of all the people.  And I hope we will have gained the courage to become truly ecumenical.  we seem to preferto each work in our own little silo and have no truck folk from other denominations.  We should be embracing of the Lund Principle – to do all things together except those that by conscience we must do apart.

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