General Synod 2007


The Primate:

An important task for this General Synod will be to elect a new Primate. The “upper house” of General Synod (the House of Bishops) will nominate candidates from among its members prior to the convening of Synod. Election day Friday, June 22nd will begin with a celebration of the Eucharist, at Holy Trinity Anglican Church after which the House of Bishops will withdraw to another venue and the “lower house” (the Orders of Clergy and Laity) will vote. The Prolocutor, (next to the Primate, the Senior Officer of Synod) will convene the sitting and preside.

The Prolocutor and Deputy Prolocutor:

In addition, elections will be held for Prolocutor and Deputy Prolocutor of General Synod. The Prolocutor will be elected on Thursday, June 21st and the Deputy Prolocutor on Saturday, June 23rd.


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