General Synod 2007

Friday June 22
God the Still Point of the Circle

Morning Office:

Scripture: Psalm 84; I John 4:10-21
Hymn: #553 Ubi caritas et amor

Bible Study: I John 4:10-21
The passage uses two key words which are central to the letters and gospel of John: “abide” and “love”. For John, the relationship between God and the believer is something which is permanent, trustworthy, and accessible in the present: God “abides” in us, and we in God. It is more challenging to say what John means by “love”, since he uses a word unpopular at the time (agap?) and appears to fill it with his own set of meanings. At the very least, agap? has something to do with love which is demonstrated in action, through passionate commitment and giving of oneself. The context of the letter suggests that these words are written for a community which has profound experiences of the presence of God, but which is nevertheless deeply divided over what it means to confess the faith.

Discussion questions

  1. In what ways are you aware of the abiding love of God in your own life?
  2. What do you think is the connection between “confessing that Jesus is the Son of God”, and abiding in God?
  3. Where do you experience the conflict between fear and love?
  4. Do you find that your sense of God’s love actually leads you towards loving others? How does this work for you?

Electoral Eucharist

Scripture: Numbers 11:16-17,24-30; Ephesians 4:1-8,11-13; Psalm 146 from the Plainsong Psalter (US Episcopal Church); Mark 10:42-45


Common Praise #430 Will you come and follow me
Gloria from Common Praise # 686
#500 Sister let me be your servant
#584 The church of Christ in every age
65 Here Lord we take the broken bread
49 Draw near and take
52 O God, unseen yet ever near
CP #531 You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord

Night Prayer

Night Prayer will be a Taize service
Scripture: Revelation 22. 1-5


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