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Report 007


This report covers the period from the 1998 General Synod to March 2001.


The functions and responsibilities of the Financial Management and Development Committee are set out in Canon VI and the strategic plan. These include:

  • to manage and control funds and investments

  • to direct and oversee administrative and financial concerns

  • to study the financial needs, problems and opportunities, as well as the local circumstances and resources of the Church

  • to develop resources to assist dioceses in financial management, financial development, gift planning, administration, legal, personnel and property issues

  • to coordinate and propose budgets for all components of the national church, in consultation with the appropriate committees and councils

  • to present financial needs to dioceses

  • to oversee the Anglican Appeal

  • to facilitate networks of diocesan finance officers and financial development volunteers and staff

  • to maintain and coordinate accounting systems

  • to appoint bankers

  • to coordinate work with other groups through the Mission Coordination Group.

During the period under review, the work of the committee has been carried out both by the committee and a number of sub-committees and task force groups appointed by it. These include:

  • Chair's Advisory Committee to handle matters which arise between meetings of the full committee

  • Investment Committee to oversee the consolidated investment fund in cooperation with the investment managers

  • Grants Sub Committee responsible for receiving and considering applications for grants under a number of trusts

  • Planned Giving Sub Committee to oversee the development of Planned Giving as a major source of revenue for both the national church and the dioceses

  • Anglican Appeal Sub Committee to oversee the conduct of Anglican Appeal fundraising and to promote participation in the Appeal.

In addition the FMD Committee has representation on the Audit Committee of General Synod.


During the period the FMD Committee met eight times, (twice by teleconference). Sub-committees met regularly as required. Meetings of FMD Committee are normally held at Church House in Toronto over weekends to reduce travel and facility costs.

At each meeting the committee has a full agenda receiving current financial information and receiving reports from various sub-committees as well as The Anglican Book Centre and The Council of the North. In addition, major initiatives and action undertaken by the committee include;

  • Monitored the negotiations to sell the property at 600 Jarvis Street and recommended to the Officers acceptance of the final agreement

  • Initiated a review of salary levels of the Primate and bishops for action By Council of General Synod.

  • Introduced Proportional Giving in accordance with General Synod resolutions.

  • At each meeting, received information on residential schools and advised the Officers of the appropriate action to take concerning financial matters.

  • Initiated a review of the Consolidated Trust Fund to separate investments held on behalf of dioceses and others.

  • Introduced a Major and Planned Gifts Policy for adoption by the Church. This was subsequently approved by Council of General Synod.

  • Approved the sale of General Synod's annuity portfolio to a commercial insurance company.

  • With the approval of Council of General Synod, initiated a consultation process to determine options for the future financing of the Church. This a continuing process and it is anticipated that a presentation will be made to General Synod in July.

As required by Canon VI, the audited Consolidated Financial Statements of The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada for the fiscal years 1998 and 1999 have been received and approved by the Council of General Synod. The audited statements for 2000 will be submitted to General Synod

Robert Dickson, Chair

James Cullen, C.A., Treasurer

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