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Amazing Together

Watch the 10-minute compilation documentary of "Amazing Grace" videos from across Canada. Over 500 videos were sent in, and this video includes segments from all received by Dec. 1, 2008.

Watch this video on YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook. Download this video from Vimeo (DIVX format).

From panic to inspiration: the story behind the video

Lisa Barry
Senior Producer, Anglican Video

Being a part of the “Amazing Grace” project team from the beginning has been a fun and inspiring aspect of my work for the past year.  I already have the best job at National Office – as senior producer for Anglican Video I get to meet a lot of wonderful and interesting people and hear amazing stories on a regular basis. Read more...


Wow! What a response to the Amazing Grace Project from Anglicans across Canada! We have been flooded with great videos from all over.

The Amazing Grace Project Team are working as fast as we can on getting your videos online, but it may take a day or so more to get through the backlog, so please be patient.

Thanks again for being a part of this amazing project, and for your generous donations to the Council of the North.

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The idea behind the Amazing Grace Project is simple: all Canadian Anglican congregations are invited to sing the hymn “Amazing Grace” on Sunday November 23rd 2008. You can sing at a time that works for you, either within the regular service or at a separate event that day. This is a time to get creative! Why not host an Amazing Grace community party, or invite a harpist, a banjo player, or liturgical dancers to join in?

The best part about the Amazing Grace Project is that we’re doing it together. All parishes are encouraged to videotape their rendition of “Amazing Grace” and to send that video to the national office of the Anglican Church of Canada by December 1, 2008. The tapes will be edited together into one big, amazing “Amazing Grace” video and put up on the web for all to enjoy by Christmas.

If you want to take your participation up another notch, why not have each singer donate a toonie to the Council of the North, the group of financially assisted dioceses in Canada’s north? Supporting the council’s ministry is one way to celebrate and share amazing grace. Click here to learn more.

The Amazing Grace Project is about lifting our voices together in song, expressing our faith in Christ, and celebrating a common life and witness. It’s simple, but it’s powerful and will be a reminder of the amazing power of God’s love and grace in our lives.

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