The Council of the North is a group of dioceses supported by grants through General Synod. The Anglicans there “proclaim the good news of the kingdom” as they minister to Canada’s most remote areas. Bishop David Ashdown, chair of the council, explains: “The work of the Council of the North is truly the work of the whole church, by the whole church.”

The 2009 Council of the North Prayer Cycle is one way that Canadian Anglicans can keep up with the council. One diocese is highlighted each month, along with the diocese’s history and current needs. The Council of the North website is another way to learn. It illustrates the work being done in education, with children and youth, and healing and reconciliation.

In this video, Bishop Ashdown speaks on behalf of the Council of the North, saying, “We are extremely grateful for the fact that you are walking with us and that you are supporting us so generously, not only with financial resources but with prayers. I believe this work is a call from God. It’s a way that we can all share together in something that is really, really important.”