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Letter to the Diocese of Louisiana

August 31, 2005

The Right Reverend Charles E. Jenkins,

The Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana,

1623 7th Street

New Orleans, LA 70115

The Unites States of America 


Dear Bishop Charles:

On behalf of the clergy and people of the Anglican Church of Canada, we extend our hearts and prayers to you, the congregations in your dioceses, and the people of your cities and states affected by Hurricane Katrina.  As an act of solidarity, The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund is presently accepting Canadian donations for the relief effort which we will channel through our ACT (Action by Churches Together) alliance member Church World Services for emergency relief to "those least able to recover from losses." (CWS)

Please know that you will remain in our prayers through the coming days and months as people return to their communities and begin the process of relief and reconstruction.

Yours faithfully:


The Most Reverend Andrew S. Hutchison

Archbishop and Primate

Cheryl Curtis, Executive Director

The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund


Cc. Bishop Frank Griswold


Similar messages were sent to the dioceses of Western Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Western Tennessee and Central Gulf Coast


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